Question: "High" concepts in Fantasy

Charles Butler hannibal at
Wed Mar 5 18:11:07 EST 2003

> But we can't trust how Victorians say place names as
> they (in my experience) pronounce the name of the
> large industrial city near where i live with the
> middle sylable to sound like ass not arse.
> (Newcastle).

And lots of people get "Launceston" wrong. They say "LAWN-s'ton" or
"LAWN-sess-ton.\". It's "Lon-sess-t'n". In Tasmania, anyway.

I'm back from my quality time now, much of it spent wondering with my
seven-year-old son whether animals without opposable thumbs should naturally
prefer digital to analogue technology because it means more buttons to press
and fewer dials to twiddle. But before I turn in, FWIW the residents of
Newcastle in England (where the castle is, of course, in fact very old) also
pronounce it with a short 'a' - and regard the long 'a' pronunciation as a
risible sign of soft southerness. And - again FWIW - the Launceston in
Cornwall is pronounced LAWN-ston. I think. Unless the Cornish have their own
secret way of saying it, which I wouldn't put past them.


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