Question: "High" concepts in Fantasy

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Wed Mar 5 15:34:06 EST 2003

--- Abe Gross <argross at> wrote:
> > It's pronounced Trah-ral -gon but it took me ages
> to sort it out... yes,
> > pronounce it the way it's spelled and you're OK. 
> Kurumburra caused me a
> few
> > headaches, too. It's not KURR-um-burra. It's
> Kurr-UM-burra.
> >
> > Strahan in Tasmania is "Strawn" and Bicheno is
> "BEE-sh'n-o" or
> occasionally
> > "BISH-sh'n-o." Not, as a quiz master on Nat TV
> once said; "B'SHARN-o".
> >
> > Sallyo.
> And Americans often have problems with Melbourne,
> which is not Mel-BOURNE,
> but Melb'n (sort of).
> Ros
But we can't trust how Victorians say place names as
they (in my experience) pronounce the name of the
large industrial city near where i live with the
middle sylable to sound like ass not arse.


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