Question: "High" concepts in Fantasy

Otter Perry ottertee at
Wed Mar 5 09:50:22 EST 2003

Margaret Ball wrote:

> Although Americans, at least, can *always* pronounce a name
> in some way you wouldn't have expected.

Ain't that the truth!

And they can pronounce things quite differently in different
places.  For example, Houston St. in New York City is pronounced
'house-ton-, but in Texas, Houston is 'hyuse-ton'.

A town near here called Milan is pronounced 'MY-lun'.  Saline
is pronounced 'sa-LEEN'.  The street in Detroit named Goethe
is pronounced 'GO-thy'.  Schoenherr is pronounced 'SHAY-ner'.

And so on.  The other place I live -- Montrose, CO -- is
pronounced 'MONT-rose' by the locals.
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