Question: "High" concepts in Fantasy

Charles Butler hannibal at
Wed Mar 5 07:27:29 EST 2003

>Is there such a pronouciation guide
in the english version?

DWJ writes in the foreword to the US Chrestomanci books (the ones with the
cats on the cover) that it should be pronounced 'KREST-OH-MAN-SEE'.

>In the Inspector Jury books, Martha Grimes says explicitely that Rithven
(sp?) is pronouced Ri'vvn and Bicester-Strathan (or something like that)
Bister-Strawn. She makes one character explain it to another. That's not
of course.

There's also Inspector Dalziel in Reginal Hill's books, pronounced "Dee
ell". Perhaps its a crime-fighting trait. I have an ongoing battle with my
family over the way to say Holmes (as in Sherlock). I put the 'l' in. It
feels right. And it's the same with almonds. After all, nobody says Wahnut
for Walnut, do they?

Charlie (pronounced 'Cherry')

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