Question: "High" concepts in Fantasy

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Wed Mar 5 07:13:25 EST 2003

> > In German DWJ books it says Chrestomanci is pronounced 
> > Krest-oh-man-tschi. (Or something like that - I'll have to check...)
> Yeah, but that's how you'd expect it to be pronounced, isn't it? I mean 
> things more on the Featherstonehaugh/Fanshaw dimension.
That's the question, you could pronouce in a different way in Gernan,
especially the long/stressed?"oh" or the "ci" Is there such a pronouciation guide
in the english version? And is it obvious? (If the German Chrestomanci shoud
sound like in British English (er. making any sense?) it woud probably have to
be "Krest-o-mahn- sie". Telephone conference, anyone? 

In the Inspector Jury books, Martha Grimes says explicitely that Rithven
(sp?) is pronouced Ri'vvn and Bicester-Strathan (or something like that)
Bister-Strawn. She makes one character explain it to another. That's not Phantasy,
of course.

But in some Harry Potter book - the last, I believe - one gets told the
correct pronouciation of Hermione, with the same trick. Interestingly, she's
called Hermine in the German translations, which comes close the intenden
pronouciation. (And Dhaine from the Immortals books by Tamora Pierce is called
Dhana, for reasons that escape me).

(who was called "Patteen" by one well meanig English speaker)

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