Childhood favourites - request to listmembers

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Tue Mar 4 21:57:44 EST 2003

The following is forwarded to the list with Deb's
permission. Please reply to Margaret directly if


The message below was posted on the OZTL (Australian
|teacher-librarian) List and following the discussion
|DWJ I replied saying I write something. Although my
|piece will be purely personal I mentioned that
|been a discussion on DWJ and Margaret asked if I
|forward the request to the DWJ list to see if any
|non-Australian were interested in responding.

|"Margaret Steinberger" <margste at
|Orana would like to invite OZTL members to write
|around 1000 words for publication on one (or both) of
|the following subjects:
|1. Your favourite children's book -- old or new,
|fiction or non-fiction (This can be from when you
|a child up to present)
|2. The place of libraries in your childhood --
|public, private
|Since these are personal responses, the articles
|should need only minimal referencing, if any.
|Please contact me with articles, ideas, or to beg to
|be allowed to write at greater length.
|Margaret Steinberger
|Editor Orana
|ALIA's national journal of children's libraries and

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