Question: "High" concepts in Fantasy

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Tue Mar 4 14:47:20 EST 2003

--- Margaret Ball <margaret at> wrote:
> The point of this can we be sure that
> Cthulhu isn't 
> pronounced Coaly by the, er, locals? And can we
> think of any fantasy 
> novel in which it's explicitly stated that Lord
> Xochipitl's name is 
> pronounced Shoppit? I can't, but I bet somebody on
> this list can come up 
> with an example.

I suspect that there is an Unwritten Rule of Fantasy
that says that all words that are spelt with
punctuation are pronounced phonetically :). The
closest I can come up with isn't an example of a
simpler pronounciation but a nickname for an Evil
Overlord (OMT), Saruman in LOTR is known by his
henchbeings as Sharky, which we are told is probably a
sign of affection.
There are some fantasy books that include guides to
pronouncing names but they usually follow some human
prototype (and its usually celtic)


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