DWJ Quotes for signatures?

deborah deborah at suberic.net
Mon Mar 3 23:35:33 EST 2003

I'll gladly add any you get to the quotation page!

deborah at suberic.net
I would rather go honestly to Hell, admitting that I leaped
knowingly into error and folly, than enter into the sweetest
Heaven men can dream of by whining that I had been pushed.
		-- Freedom & Necesssity

On Mon, 18 Feb 2002, hemlocke wrote:

|Ah no, Denise, you definitely are not the only one who uses them for
|signatures ^^ I've used Torquil's "..sun, moon and a rather  fat star!" and
|Calcifer's "You're not the only one who can do toads you know!" on various
|occasions :>
|> I know that there are a number of DWJ quotes up at the Castle (Deborah's
|> site) -- but has anyone else been collecting them independently for use as
|> email sigs?  (Usually it's advised to have no more than four lines in a
|> signature including one's own name, so most of the DWJ quotes on the site
|> are too long to be usable.)
|> I have been writing short "sig friendly" quotes down as I read books
|> lately, just wondering if I'm the only one nutty enough to do that.  I'm
|> tempted to put them up on the web somewhere, or hand them to Deborah once
|> have more than a few...any interest/thoughts?
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