Question: "High" concepts in Fantasy

Ven vendersleighc at
Mon Mar 3 21:16:28 EST 2003

Jon wrote

<There have been a few suggestions as 
how to measure the "height" of a fantasy book 
here, so
I will add my own proposal;>

I do like this, especially the following bit:

<Good v. evil
everyone is very nice = 1 point
bad animals/beings follow own incination (eg
a villian, but still human (eg criminal 
mastermind) =
non human/undead villian = 4
Hitler/Saddam Hussein type megalomaniac  = 5
true evil darklord = 6
The very antithesis of evrything nice = 7>

I like the way human megalomaniacs come above
mere undead or nonhuman villains.

<Add all points together, anything with more than

points is High Fantasy, Less than 5 points is Low
Fantasy, Anything inbetween is probably worth 

Seems to work, I put Tim Powers, Declare at 13,
Steven brust's orca on 15 and Ursula LeGuin's The
Other Wind at a whopping 24 -- but it was still
well worth reading! 


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