Question: "High" concepts in Fantasy

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Sun Mar 2 17:10:17 EST 2003

--- Irina Rempt <irina at> wrote:
> > Every 500 pages or part thereof = 1 point
> Well, yes, it's part of 500 pages. Doesn't that mean
> that *any* book has 
> at least one point? 

That was how I'd intended it, but on reflection, less
than 200 pages = 0 points, less than 100 pages -1
point for not even trying. :)

> My own work in late-stage revision, on this scale,
> comes out 16 or 17, 
> but that includes are seven points for a secondary
> world with maps and 
> a language, though the map isn't vital for the book
> (and I won't 
> include it on submission) and I only use a few words
> of the language 
> (which is fairly complete on its own; I didn't make
> it up *for* the 
> book, the world and the language had already existed
> for a decade or 
> more when I started writing it) when there's no
> fitting technical term 
> in English.

I think for additional maps to count they must show
significantly different details - eg detailed city
maps, new parts of the world, but if they show
historic changes they get double points. For
additional languages to count there must be at least a
couple of full sentences, not just the occasional word
thrown in, but to score the first point just a few
words will do. Bonus points for writing systems and
unpronouncable words or names. However if you've made
up a language, even if you don't use much of it, i
think that gets double points - that's how Tolkien
started after all :)


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