Question: "High" concepts in Fantasy

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<snipped very fun points scheme for height>

Add all points together, anything with more than 20
points is High Fantasy, Less than 5 points is Low
Fantasy, Anything inbetween is probably worth reading

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*Chuckle* I've started doing rough estimates of various stories, although
I'd probably need to cross-reference between the actual books and The Tough
Guide for bonus points to get completely accurate scores.

I just finished reading "Deathscent" by Robin Jarvis this morning, which was
pretty good, if a bit too stretched out - it could do with being
faster-paced and better structured. I think it scores 16 - there aren't any
obvious Tough Guide clichés. The story is arguably more science fiction with
a Gothic historical flavour, and Jon's scale could be quite easily adapted
for most non-"hard" sf by replacing The Importance of Magic category with
the Importance of the Science category.

Caleb W.

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