extremely belated Super Summer Annual Intros!

Kathleen Jennings s368333 at student.uq.edu.au
Mon Jun 16 10:40:20 EDT 2003

Anyone for a round of King's Father?
Not quite so sadistic but fun and a few people I know have scars from it.

The cards are divvied up roughly equally. The aim is to get rid of them all.
One person at a time puts a card down on the pile in the centre. 2-9 are
safe. On 10, everyone has to put thumb to nose, waggle finger and make a
horrible sound (is it called a raspberry? people tend to get damp). On Jack,
they freeze. Queen, salute. King, shout "King's Father" and Ace, slam their
hand down on the pile. Last person do any of the above (or, on Jack, the
first person to move) has to take the pile.

Of books and card games, does anyone know the provenance of Cripple Mr
Onion/Shibo Yancong San ?


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