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> --- Anna Z Skarzynska <theania at> wrote:
> > Actually, I think Nick is more confident than
> > selfish. Just because he
> > doesn't pander to the those needier than him- why
> > should he? He is not
> > needy.
> I wouldn't say that's why he's selfish.  Neediness is
> one of my pet peeves as well, and I don't see a
> problem with him not pandering to needy people.  He is
> selfish, though, because he doesn't think about other
> people, but expects that other people will think about
> him.  It's true he doesn't *need* them to, but he does
> *expect* them to -- I suppose that could be what you
> mean by confident.

Actually, I see them in a very different way. Nick is selfish, of course,
but for a specific reason-- he puts all his energy into himself to stay
himself in the face of his mother and the Bush-goddess. However, Maree's
reaction is different-- she has trouble doing for herself, and so ends up
perfectly able to help others but extremely unable to help herself, thus
fitting the classic male definition of 'needy'. Nick, however, is needy in
a completely different way, since his selfishness only will continue to
work if others (such as Maree) take care of the stuff he doesn't.

Rupert, however, is so insecure that he simply cannot deal with noticing
other people at any significant level, and so not only screws up when he
is trying to help others but has a distorted picture of the world around
him. Yes, he is being led around by the nose by the Upper Room, but his
self-involved attitude is the real problem there. And I don't find it
terribly excusable because there's nothing presented about his background
that would make it necessary (ok, so he's a younger brother but...)

Anybody read Stephen Brust's _Issola_? There's a point in there where
someone is described as seeing the entire world in relation to himself,
which is a handicap. Something about he is likely to see every situation
in terms of what he should do about it...

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