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Sun Jun 29 21:14:57 EDT 2003

--- minnow at wrote:
> Ania followed Jon:
> >If there was interaction between humans and
> neanderthals it is possible that
> >there was also interbreeding.
> Haven't they recently found at least one skeleton in
> Spain or thereabouts
> that seems to be of someone (adolescent, I think)
> with provably cro-magnon
> *plus* neanderthal ancestry, or has that been
> immediately disproven as
> unreliable, like the cobbled together bits of
> skeletons to make Piltdown
> Man?  I'm sure I noticed it a year or so ago on
> Radio 4.  There was being
> excitement about the idea that interbreeding had
> been possible, and might
> have been more widespread than had been thought
> initially, and suchlike.

The Portuguese remains are mentioned here

and here

This one is more recent and ambivalent

This one suggests no linkage, but concedes evidence is

as does this

Finally if anyone wants real detail this site has it
in abundance


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