Just where in Hell will YOU end up?

mecha godscylla mechagodscylla at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 29 20:00:54 EDT 2003

It all depends.  If I say someone should *not* be punched even if they have 
it coming, then I'm off to the Virtuous Pagans, which sounds just about 
right.  But if I admit they do have it coming and it ought to happen, it is 
down, down, down to level 7 with the Violent.

Well, those virtuous pagans were big on self-restraint.

Level of the Lustful, eh Ania?  Thanks for sharing - that was a fun one!


>From: "Anna Z Skarzynska" <theania at freeuk.com>
>Reply-To: dwj at suberic.net
>To: <dwj at suberic.net>
>Subject: Just where in Hell will YOU end up?
>Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 22:51:58 +0100
>Entirely OT, but everyone loves a quiz, and this one is literature-based, 
>Ania (waving to list from the second level of Hell)

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