Harry Potter (spoilers)

Anna-Leena Pyykönen annaleena at nerina.org
Sun Jun 29 15:57:22 EDT 2003

>So, who's read HP 5 and is ready to discuss it?
I really liked it although it was different from what I had expected. It
wasn't sugarcoated, but I was waiting for something darker. Because of the
way the book had been described beforehand (Harry is going to be a very
angry young man! There is going to be a Death!) I just assumed it would be
full of agony. Ok, so Harry was a bit grumpy, but he wasn't the most
horrible teenager ever and the overall tune was, in my opinion, quite

Like Rebecca, I enjoyed how Rowling mixed the scene a little. Until the
fifth book, Dumbledore was certainly too much of a hero. In my eyes he's
much more real now. Displaying James as a vain boy with a tendency to bully
others was something refreshing, too. It revealed the grey shades in life
and reminded the reader that nobody is perfect.

And then the death. For a moment I *really* thought JKR would kill Hermione.
That would have been quite a radical move, and compared to that Sirius'
death wasn't that shocking. I just feel bad for Harry. He didn't have his
godfather for long and now he's all alone again. Poor boy. I wonder how many
other people he's going to have to lose until the fight is over. Still, I
don't think it would be beliavable if all his loved ones would survive.
Sometimes cruelty is a necessity and when the main characters are dying it
just makes you more curious. I know I can't wait for the sixth book!

Random questions: Why is there so little about the Order even though it's
mentioned in the title? Why do they have to stumble across prophecies in
every other book?

I've finally managed to get a copy of The Merlin Conspiracy as well. I read
the book last week and now I'm about to read the old posts, find out what
you thought of it (I've been saving them) and see if I agree at all...


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