Merlin spoilers (was Re: Ready for Merlin?)

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Sun Jun 29 13:38:27 EDT 2003

>--- Anna Z Skarzynska <theania at> wrote:
> > Actually, I think Nick is more confident than
> > selfish. Just because he
> > doesn't pander to the those needier than him- why
> > should he? He is not
> > needy.

Hmm.  Initially I agreed with you here, but then - what are we talking about 
here?  What is meant by neediness?  If I were Roddy, I would see Nick as 
needy.  Doesn't she say she could feel his feelings sort of jumping up like 
a puppy dog, looking for her attention?  Also, I expect I would be angry 
that he wants all sorts of things from me but doesn't think of what I want, 
at all.  What, after all, is my incentive?  To give him what he wants?  
Pleeeeaaaase. The needle would certainly tick over into the red of Rejection 
there. And no, cuteness is no excuse, as I explain to my cats all the time.

That doesn't mean I don't like Nick, btw.

> > It's being needy that's the more selfish attitude.
> > Not to mention a deeply
> > unattractive one.

Is it? How are we judging this?  What are we thinking of exactly?  I think 
selfishness is actively repugnant actually, whereas neediness is a 
regrettable flaw and more passively unattractive, unless it is a ploy - in 
which case that is selfishness.  I can't escape the sense that others are 
actually referring to more ideas and things than the words 'neediness' and 
'selfishness' convey to me.

I think it is completely possible to be unselfish and yet not be twisted 
around by demands of others.  Unless they are paying you overtime....

>well yes.  Nick is selfish, but in a rather admirable,
>enviable way.

nu?  Come clean now if you are Objectivists, please.  ;)
Could you expand on this?


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