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At 07:18 AM 6/28/2003 +0100, Charles Butler wrote:
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> > Oh, lovely!  I'd been pronouncing it, in my head, "picker", as in one who
> > harvests knowledge, or possibly one who selects it, but the real reason is
> > even better.  Haymaking mini-rabbits with big ears and high voices is
> > almost too good to be true.
> >
> > I do *like* this list, it's so full of unexpected gems of information.
> > Thank you.
>And now it's just clicked why Pikachu in Pokemon is called that (not that
>I'd lost too much sleep...)

I think it's because he says "pikapika" which is a Japanese word (onomatopoeic
or mimetic) which means "sparkle or glitter."  "Chu" is the sound a mouse 
Pikachu is an electric mouse pokemon.  And though I think he's cute, the reason
I know this is due to my interest in Japanese and too much exposure to ChuChu,
the mascot of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

(who just looked up "pika" at and saw this interesting note:
Tungus piika, perhaps from Russian pikat', to squeak)

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