Merlin spoilers (was Re: Ready for Merlin?)

Jenwa Hsung jenwahsung at
Sun Jun 29 01:39:57 EDT 2003

--- Anna Z Skarzynska <theania at> wrote:
> Actually, I think Nick is more confident than
> selfish. Just because he
> doesn't pander to the those needier than him- why
> should he? He is not
> needy.

I wouldn't say that's why he's selfish.  Neediness is
one of my pet peeves as well, and I don't see a
problem with him not pandering to needy people.  He is
selfish, though, because he doesn't think about other
people, but expects that other people will think about
him.  It's true he doesn't *need* them to, but he does
*expect* them to -- I suppose that could be what you
mean by confident.

> It's being needy that's the more selfish attitude.
> Not to mention a deeply
> unattractive one.

well yes.  Nick is selfish, but in a rather admirable,
enviable way.  selfishness is not necessarily a bad
thing.  he just takes it a bit far, but it seems like
in Merlin he's beginning to realize that...  it'll
probably even out into something good.

there are definitely worse kinds of selfishness, and
neediness is one of them.  especially because needy
people often seem to have no chance of realizing how
selfish they're being, and therefore are unlikely to
change for the better.


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