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--- minnow at wrote:
> I was having a problem about the Pleiades; Jon
> explains  [snip]...
 That's a lot more pattern for my
> money than I had any right to expect.  Seven sisters
> turning up in two places like that...  Ooooh, I
> *like*.
> How likely, after all, is cultural exchange on the
> subject, between the Greeks and the Aboriginal
> Australians?   Wow.
> Dazed and happy....  Patterns, patterns....
> The "the missing star used to be brighter" is nice
> too
> but it doesn't explain why the Greek thing has one
> of
> them present but invisible....  Some astronomer,
> please
> give possibilities?  It flared up (went nova?) and
> then vanished?  But then we wouldn't be able to see
> it
> with a telescope later, would we?  And the Japanese
> too have a "seven but you can't see one of them"
> idea...
> *do* stars gradually fade, but fast enough for them
> to
> have been visible within living memory?
> Drat.  Now I have *another* glorious red herring to
> go
> off after.
> (But thanks anyway.)
> Minnow

Here are some websites if you want to follow up more
on the Pleiades. About ten years ago we had a
mini-planetarium visit the school and the universality
of the seven sisters legend was mentioned then and
intrigued me, but it was only when it came up here
that I thought to follow it up to see if it was true -
it seems it is.
 if you follow the "mythologically speaking"  link and
then "my own thoughts" link you get to this page on
the mystery of the seventh star
The aboriginal legend is own the right hand side

another version of this one is at

while this one is more astronomy oriented

but this one is for Tolkien fanatics

However bringing all this back where it began it
woiuld seem that the Big Dipper is a more likely
candidate for "the seven stars in the sky" than the
Pleiades in "Green Grow the Rushes oh"

[this one suggests that the term "gringo" comes from
this song which is a popular myth see
 - some of its other suggestions are also clearly
wrong such as nine shiners = nine planets]
[a very Christian interpretation here]

Jon (who finally has enough spare time to spend an
hour following up trivia on the Internet)

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