Anna Z Skarzynska theania at
Sat Jun 28 07:13:30 EDT 2003

> Coo!  Thanks, Jon!  That's a lot more pattern for my
> money than I had any right to expect.  Seven sisters
> turning up in two places like that...  Ooooh, I *like*.
> How likely, after all, is cultural exchange on the
> subject, between the Greeks and the Aboriginal
> Australians?   Wow.
> Dazed and happy....  Patterns, patterns....

A few years ago I got a book out of the library, called, IIRC, Cities of
Dreams. It was all about the underlying connectedness of myth and legend,
and the author linked that to the survival of Neanderthal genes in modern
I suspect it was a load of cosmic nonsense, but it was also a good and
interesting read. Definitely worth a look. Whilst maintaining a firm
sceptical stance, of course.


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