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> Also didn't know about the Panna. Do you happen to know whether they would
> have used it in medieval times?

Yes, definitely. It is pronounced with both the Ns- pan-nah (just so you can
be authentic!). It means: unmarried girl; maid; maiden; miss; virgin; the
zodiac sign Virgo.

> There's a funny story about my grandfather, attending his first grown up
> party when he was 18. He was so flushed with pride at being treated like a
> adult and called 'Pan Kaczmarek' that he got very drunk. He never did THAT
> again-- his monther came into his room very early the next day and asked
> him "Well, Pan Kaczmarek, how do you feel?" and teased him unmercifully
> about 'Pan Kaczmarek' for a long time... :)

Yes, you start feeling very grown-up when people start addressing you as pan
or pani!

> Speaking of hares, has anyone on the list read Elizabeth Goudge's _The
> little white horse_?

Yes, only recently. I got a copy in a charity shop and it is signed by the


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