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Fri Jun 27 20:27:16 EDT 2003

Jenne of many names wrote:

>'Knowledge Pika' is just something that caught my fancy. Pikas are small
>relatives of rabbits, something like really big eared mice, that live in
>the mountains. They harvest grass all summer and lay it out to dry on the
>rocks, then bring it into their burrows for winter feed. If it starts to
>rain, they squeak loudly to one another and hurry to drag the 'hay' into
>the burrows with their teeth.
>I collect and disseminate information both professionally (I'm a
>librarian) and as a hobby, and I'm well known for squeaking and also for
>bustling about (to put it kindly-- it actuality, it's more like the
>'hedgehogging' that the housekeeper does in the Bagthorpe books). So I
>thougth 'Knowledge Pika' was a cool thing to call myself. :)

Oh, lovely!  I'd been pronouncing it, in my head, "picker", as in one who
harvests knowledge, or possibly one who selects it, but the real reason is
even better.  Haymaking mini-rabbits with big ears and high voices is
almost too good to be true.

I do *like* this list, it's so full of unexpected gems of information.
Thank you.


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