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Fri Jun 27 20:27:14 EDT 2003

Ania wrote:

(in reply to my comment):
>it's fairly remarkable
>that he chose to ask for Maree back instead of asking for what he wanted
>for himself,

>Excuse me? I doubt he'd condemn his favourite person to death just to get
>what he wanted. He is a thoughtless kid, not a monster. There is nothing
>remarkable going on here. It's Rupert with his suspicious mind who has the
>entirely unreasonable doubts.

There's no doubt that Nick resented it; though, he says so himself.  Not
entirely Rupert's suspicious mind, I think.

But, yes, ok, I was being fairly silly when I said that, now that I look at
it.  One would need to be a monster of selfishness to make the other
decision, and if I was arguing that he wasn't that bad, which I think I was
at the time because it's what I mostly think, I was definitely asleep at
the switches to suggest the possibility of such behaviour as a serious one.

>Actually, I think Nick is more confident than selfish. Just because he
>doesn't pander to the those needier than him- why should he? He is not

Not sure I understand this.  If not-needy, then presumably everyone who is
needy at all is needier than him.  So not-pandering could be construed as
"lacking sympathy with something he doesn't himself suffer", which is not
so much confident as unimaginative, surely...

>It's being needy that's the more selfish attitude. Not to mention a deeply
>unattractive one.

Do you mean, by "needy", "deliberately setting oneself up as an object for
pity" rather than being *genuinely* in need?  If so I would wholeheartedly
agree.  "The tyranny of the weak", somebody once called it.  Um.  Georgette
Heyer, possibly?  The way of behaving that goes "I am Not Very Healthy
therefore you must do what I say and never disagree with me because if you
do you'll make me be *ill*", only more along the lines "I am an incompetent
therefore it is your duty to do everything for me".  (Minor examples being
people who break things when they wash up, or else do it really badly so it
has to be done again later to get the last of the food off the plates...
and so can never be trusted -- for which read expected -- to do the
washing-up.  Mutter mutter mutter.  Snarl.)

Or have I completely misunderstood what you were driving at there?  If I
have, please explain...


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