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> > -- Pani Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, Knowledge Pika   jenne at
> Please explain. Who is Jadwiga Z? Is there a Pan Zajaczek? And what is a
> Knowledge Pika? Is it you?

*grin* Jadwiga Zajaczkowa is my 'persona name' in the Society for Creative
Anachronism, a medieval re-creation group. I chose Polish, which is
unusual in the SCA, because I'd done some research on medieval Poland
because I'm half Polish by ancestry, and found it intriguing.

When we checked out the name, we were pretty sure that the '-owa' ending
was for unmarried women, but maybe we were wrong?

I had started out with Zajacek, which is supposed to mean 'leveret', that
is, a baby hare. (Curiously enough, because of my fondness for rabbits
and the excess number of Jennifers in the USA, my friends with kids
started calling me 'Aunt Bunny'. )But I'm told that the surname actually
comes from a town in Poland?

'Knowledge Pika' is just something that caught my fancy. Pikas are small
relatives of rabbits, something like really big eared mice, that live in
the mountains. They harvest grass all summer and lay it out to dry on the
rocks, then bring it into their burrows for winter feed. If it starts to
rain, they squeak loudly to one another and hurry to drag the 'hay' into
the burrows with their teeth.

I collect and disseminate information both professionally (I'm a
librarian) and as a hobby, and I'm well known for squeaking and also for
bustling about (to put it kindly-- it actuality, it's more like the
'hedgehogging' that the housekeeper does in the Bagthorpe books). So I
thougth 'Knowledge Pika' was a cool thing to call myself. :)

-- Jenne aka Jadwiga aka Jennifer aka Aunt Bunny, somewhat incoherently.

-- Pani Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, Knowledge Pika   jenne at
"What don't die can't live. What don't live can't change. What don't
change can't learn." -- Terry Pratchett, _Lords and Ladies_

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