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Fri Jun 27 18:42:02 EDT 2003

> Name: Ania

> Living in: Wales, but originally from Poland.

> Age: 39, for another month or so..
> What I do when not playing here:  I play omputer games, notably Morrowind.
I post a lot on Through the Looking Glass ( forums. I read. I
socialize. I go to parties. I volunteer in the local archives. Life is good.
> Married/partnered/?: No, but I do have a sex life.
> Offspring (human variety): Stephen, 16 and monstrous. He's currently at
Glastonbury festival. I shudder to think what he's getting up to.
> Offspring (four-legged): Cats: Thomas, Jadwiga, and Meepella the adorable
> First DWJ/when: Time of the Ghost, ca. 1986, loaned by Amanda/Gemini
> Favourite DWJ: Deep Secret by a fairly long margin. Then F & H.
> Least favourite DWJ Not sure. I must say I really did not think much of
Howl and I fail to understand why so many people love it so.
> Other authors/books (in no particular order, and bound to have
> forgotten plenty, and sticking to YA/ children's lit): Philip Pullman,
Penelope Lively, Susan Cooper- usual suspects, basically
> Music: Oh Lord, so much! trance and techno and folk and rock and punk-
names? You want names? OK. The Holy Modal [sic] Rounders; New Model [sic]
Army; Fairpost Convention; Steeleye Span; Leftfield; Tricky; Stiff Little
Fingers; Patti Smith; Iggy Pop; Dead Kennedys; Kate Bush... oh, I could go
> Currently reading: Isabelle Carmody's The Gathering (thanks, Jon!). Just
finished HP5 (pleasantly surprised by the improvement in characterization-
Harry actually acts like a teenager, complete with mood swings and tantrums.
How old is JKR's daughter now?) and Sabriel- I want more!

You can see me and my friends and the cats here:  and here:

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