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Fri Jun 27 12:54:06 EDT 2003

Melissa wrote:

>Lady Alys would never have heard of a uterine replicator and might not have
>pushed for its use if she had.

See *Memory*, Miles speaking, when Ivan has been forced to notice that his
mother has a love-life:
"How do you think she got to *be* your mother?  They didn't have uterine
replicators on Barrayan back then."

>I really can't decide if that-idiot-Ivan *would* have been
>better off with a passel of brothers and sisters.  I think he turned out
>pretty well, even if it did take him about thirty years to really grow up.

He seems to have become almost quite reasonable by the two I've read,
anyhow.  :-)

Incidentally, if I'm going to be quoting Bujold, there's a thing she said
that ties into a discussion we had a while back about
protecting-the-innocent.  This is from *Paladin of Souls* (I can't give
page-ref from typescript, but it's in Chapter Five)

..."this did not mean they were... ignorant.  Quite the reverse, since
innocence based in ignorance was unable to protect itself."

I think that sums up how I feel about it, really.


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