Had to ask...Now the Vorkosigan books

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Fri Jun 27 11:50:28 EDT 2003

On Fri, 27 Jun 2003 12:52:29 +0100, minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:

>Melissa replied to me frivolling over her words:
>>>I love the idea of a character's having chosen his mother....
>>>(don't hit me)
>>You do seem to enjoy asking for trouble, don't you?  :)
>Eh... I think I need a copy of the fifth to stand on...  <sniggle>

You can't have mine; it's worn out from my years of parenthood.

>>>I am not convinced I would choose her as a *mother*, though.  Commanding
>>>officer, yes, unhesitatingly, leige lady, undoubtedly, but *mother*?  I am
>>>not convinced I want a Betan mother.

>>I think she's a better mother for the average Barrayaran than a Barrayaran
>>might be.  Certainly Miles would never have existed if Cordelia had been a
>>good Vor lady.
>I can work out what you mean there, by comment in the one I've read so far
>(*Memory* looks as if it may take a little longer, from the standpoint of
>page 177) and I think you are probably right.

If you'd been reading the books in order like a good little fishie....  :)

>  Maybe I was sympathising
>with Mark: she'd be *fine* if one were used to it, but she's a bit
>overwhelming for Mere Mortals!

Yes, poor Mark didn't grow up with her.  If she adopted *me*, I'd be

Melissa Proffitt

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