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Fri Jun 27 09:54:28 EDT 2003

>I have started a petition addressing the need for a live-action 'HOWL' film.
>  I'll need as many signatures as possible by the end of 2003.  Please show
>your support and SIGN THE PETITION! :)

The film rights for this book have been sold to an extremely respected
Japanese anime director, with whose previous work DWJ has been delighted
(*Princess Monanoke*, *My Neighbour Totoro* etc).  Work on the film of
*Howl's Moving Castle* has been in progress for some while.  I'm afraid
that your petition cannot possibly achieve what you want, since you are
asking for something which cannot be given to you nor to anyone until the
exclusive-rights section of DWJ's contract has expired.

I sympathise with wanting to see a live-action film (who do we get to play
Calcifer?), but it is not going to happen yet if at all.


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