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Fri Jun 27 09:37:10 EDT 2003

Charlie wrote:

>> Minnow
>> Can someone think of some other person to whom to liken a hyperactive
>> decisive survivor-in-the-face-of-all-odds type?  (I will refrain from
>> offering the real-life, as opposed to the Shakespearean, Richard III, but
>> only by a great effort.)
>Flashman, perhaps, or Avon (sp?) out of Blake's Seven. They do tend to be at
>least slightly villainous, though, don't they? (Not wanting to get into
>Ricardian debates - I lived in York for a while and know it's a touchy
>subject with some.) Is Miles like that?

I dunno yet....  I don't *think* he's villainous.  Maybe he's more
Quixotic?  Clinging to a style of honour that has been quietly put to one
side by the "practical" people, who don't understand it?

>I might have added James Bond, but
>he's not exactly hyperactive except when duty calls him to it - given his
>druthers he'd probably spend the rest of his life in sex, drink and

He's also a moron, which doesn't seem to fit.  No, let me rephrase: given
all the available data, Bond has a unique talent for misinterpretation,
which makes him ideal as the agent he is: the one you send out to be
obvious and distract the opposition, while someone else does the actual job
somewhere else.  :-)

>But then villains are always so wonderfully proactive, aren't
>they? And optimistic - especially in cartoon series, it's never 'You beat me
>three times now, guess I'll throw in the towel', but rather 'I shall be
>back, and next time I shall PREVAIL'. And cheerful (think of all those evil
>laughs). Thoroughly admirable in every way, really.

Unquenchable?  What somebody in some book once described as "a sorbo little
man"?  (Sorbo I think being a material of which what are also called
"india-rubber balls" were made, their characteristic being that they always
bounced back...)

>On YMMV, it's 'your mileage may vary'. Since I joined this list, I have
>found this website invaluable:

Thank you.  Does it include ILUMGWFUAO?

Does it include WAINS and/or WAYNS?

(I don't have web-access, so I can't just go and check.  If it doesn't,
ought they to be told, I wonder?)


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