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Fri Jun 27 07:52:25 EDT 2003

Hallie wrote:

>As far as Miles is concerned, I'm working on a new
>analogy, which is something along the lines of a futuristic Hamlet

I think the death-wish might be a bit extreme as a characteristic for
someone who's survived however many books it is without having engineered a
suicide that can be blamed on someone else!

Also, Hamlet is indecisive to the point at which one wants to scream and
hit him, whereas that didn't seem to be one of Miles' notable traits in the
only one I have read so far...

(Has anyone else noticed, about Hamlet, that *nobody in the entire kingdom*
considers even for *one moment* the notion that he ought to have got the
throne when Daddy snuffed it?  He is obviously not anybody's choice for
ruler.  WAINS.  He'd be a disaster as King, on the showing of the play.)

Can someone think of some other person to whom to liken a hyperactive
decisive survivor-in-the-face-of-all-odds type?  (I will refrain from
offering the real-life, as opposed to the Shakespearean, Richard III, but
only by a great effort.)


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