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Fri Jun 27 07:52:30 EDT 2003

Kyla wrote:

>I hate the marketing of The Lives of Christopher Chant, Charmed Life,
>Witch Week, and Magicians of Caprona as a set. Hate, hate, hate. Sure, I
>think LoCC should be read before CL, but it's certainly not a necessity.

Why should it?  Not arguing, because I think it's a matter of personal
taste, just interested.  CL was written about ten years earlier, and it
certainly stands alone very nicely.  I think I might have loved CL less if
I had had all the explanationyness of knowing how it all works that I'd
have got from reading LoCC first.

>However, I think the Dalemark books do constitute a series. Sort of.
>Instead of a series, they're like a tree. I think Spellcoats, Cart and
>Cwidder, and Drowned Ammet can be read in any order at all--but Crown of
>Dalemark should be read after the other three, because it builds on and
>refers to things that happen in those books.

I had them visualised as a three-legged stool; the first (published) three
being the legs, and CoD being the thing that ties them all together.  But I
don't feel series is the right word.  "Connected books", perhaps?

>(That was a long way of saying YMMV. :^)

I am so glad you gave the long way, because I wouldn't have known what you
meant if you had just put YMMV, I have never known what that one meant.  (I
still don't know what it stands for...)


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