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> lot of you really rate Bujold.  As someone who had never 
> heard of Bujold before I joined this list, and has never 
> heard of Bujold outside of this list, could someone give 
> me an idea of what the books are like? What are they about? 
> I gather it is a very, very long  multi-generational saga, but
> that's as far as I've got.

Hmmm. I don't think "saga" is right- not sure why, but the connotations of
that for me are completely different than the Bujold books.
All her sf is set in the same universe, where there are many settled worlds.
They are mostly independent but there are a couple of several-planet
empires. Her main sequence is the Vorkosigan books but there are a couple
that are only loosely connected, Ethan of Athos (about an all-male planet-
the settlers hated women- where the ovarian cultures are running out and a
pioneer has to venture into the other worlds to replace them) and Falling
Free (about a group of people who are owned by the corporation who
genetically engineered them to live in space, and what happens when they
become uneconomic for the company.)
The first two Vorkosigan books are about Cordelia Naismith, a Betan
scientist, and Aral Vorkosigan, a Barrayarran noble and admiral, who are on
opposite sides of a war and are then caught up in a rebellion. 
The main series is about their son, Miles, who desperately wants to be a
soldier but was crippled in a poison attack on his parents when his mother
was pregnant. (His culture, to add to his difficulties, loathes "mutants".)
He is clever, charming, principled, and a mad risk-taker. He is also about
third in line to the Barayarran throne, and hopes like hell that he never
gets it. 
The books are space opera, funny, exciting, with great worldbuilding, and
*with terrific characters* who you always want to find out more about. Lots
of people like them- Bujold has won a bunch of Hugos and Nebulas.
There are some exerpts at http://www.dendarii.com/ebooks.html (the Dendarii
site also has reviews, bibliography, timeline, etc.)
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