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> Deborah wondered:
> >Did Crown of Dalemark turn the Dalemark books from the first kind to the
> >second kind of series?
> Does any collection of four books set in the same world/universe/whatever
> constitute a series, even when not all of them have characters in common,
> as it were?  Two of the Dalemark books have more of their cast repeated
> than the other two, but in other respects they are singletons happening in
> the same country more than they are a series, as far as I am concerned.
> Similarly I have never thought of the "Chrestomanci books" as being a
> "series": they are a collection of books set in different places at
> different times and with different casts of characters, whose common factor
> is that one individual happens to occur in each of them.  They're
> singletons with Chrestomanci as a bit-part player or deus ex machina, often
> enough.

I hate the marketing of The Lives of Christopher Chant, Charmed Life,
Witch Week, and Magicians of Caprona as a set. Hate, hate, hate. Sure, I
think LoCC should be read before CL, but it's certainly not a necessity.

However, I think the Dalemark books do constitute a series. Sort of.
Instead of a series, they're like a tree. I think Spellcoats, Cart and
Cwidder, and Drowned Ammet can be read in any order at all--but Crown of
Dalemark should be read after the other three, because it builds on and
refers to things that happen in those books.

Of course, I'm the type of person who likes to know exactly as much as I'm
supposed to. If a name sounds familiar, I check back earlier in the book
to see if it was referenced. If I am confused, and it's not a good kind of
confusion like Hexwood provokes, I get grumpy. I like catching references,
and understanding continuity. (That was a long way of saying YMMV. :^)

This isn't true in practice--what we've missed out is
Stradivarius's constant. And then the aside: "For those
of you who don't know, that's been called by others the
fiddle factor..."
       --From a 1B Electrical Engineering lecture.

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