RE Introductions and comments

Ven vendersleighc at
Thu Jun 26 19:59:50 EDT 2003

I wrote

> Hi everyone,  Abigail has kindly sent me the
> digests I'm missing. Why I am missing them is
> another matter....... 

Jon helpfully replied
<Since about the same time as youtr digests
arriving all my dwj-list mail has been going into

Yahoo mail Bulk mail folder (which is where it 
stuff it considers spam) - I suspect that these
problems are related and as I see you are also in
Yahoo it may be something to do with them.
 I'm cc'ing this to your address as well as the 
on the assumption its still happening.>

Thanks Jon that was indeed where my digests had
gone. I ignore buklk except to delete everthing
without looking every so often on the assumption
that it is spam. I did wonder why I was getting
so much........

Thanks again Abigail for the forwarded digests,
I've told yahoo to stop being so silly and
hopefully I'll have no more trouble.


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