Green Grow the Rushes-O (was Re: Patterns)

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Thu Jun 26 18:32:01 EDT 2003

>I revert to my original position.  I said that "I do not, and DWJ does not,
>*understand* that extraordinary song/poem ("Green Grow the Rushes-O") -- I
>don't know whether anyone really does."
>*I* think it's a Gnomic Utterance (OMT).

Actually, I think it is a Mystery. I think it is quite possible to 
understand it without being able to explain its meaning. The same thing 
happens for me with the Corpus Christi Carol. When pressed, I say it is a 
metaphor for the inner Mystery of Christianity, but I can't get closer to 
explaining it than that.

For those of you who said "Whaaa?" to the Corpus Christi Carol:

Lully, lully, lully, lully,
The faucon hath born my make away.

He bare him up, he bare him down,
He bare him into an orchard brown.

In that orchard there was an halle,
That was hanged with purpill and pall.

And in that hall there was a bede,
It was hanged with gold so rede.

And in that bed there lithe a knight
His woundes bleding day and night.

By that bede side kneleth a may,
And she wepeth both night and day.

And by that bede side there standeth a stone,
"Corpus Christi" wreten there on.

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