Serieses (was Re: Had to ask...)

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Thu Jun 26 17:47:03 EDT 2003

Deborah wondered:

>Did Crown of Dalemark turn the Dalemark books from the first kind to the
>second kind of series?

Does any collection of four books set in the same world/universe/whatever
constitute a series, even when not all of them have characters in common,
as it were?  Two of the Dalemark books have more of their cast repeated
than the other two, but in other respects they are singletons happening in
the same country more than they are a series, as far as I am concerned.
Similarly I have never thought of the "Chrestomanci books" as being a
"series": they are a collection of books set in different places at
different times and with different casts of characters, whose common factor
is that one individual happens to occur in each of them.  They're
singletons with Chrestomanci as a bit-part player or deus ex machina, often


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