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On Thu, 26 Jun 2003 09:39:28 +1200, Elizabeth Evans wrote:

>So now my question is - since I'm obviously going to HAVE to read the
>Vorkosigan books, and haven't read any yet (Though Curse of Chalion jumped
>straight onto my Keepers list) - which one should I read first?
>Should I read them in the order they were written, or is there a better

I vote that Deborah posts this somewhere on the website, because it's almost
the most common non-DWJ question we have.  :)

Reading them in the order they were written is a slightly different
experience than chronological order, because the characters mature quite a
lot as Bujold became more experienced (perfectly natural, and a good thing).
I vote for chronological myself, because I figure anyone coming late to the
series should take advantage of its availability.

Shards of Honor
(available together as Cordelia's Honor)
The Warrior's Apprentice
The Vor Game
(available together as Young Miles)
Brothers In Arms
Mirror Dance
(available together as Miles Errant)
A Civil Campaign
Diplomatic Immunity

I have left out several titles for various reasons:

*Borders of Infinity is a short story/novella collection.  It contains a
frame story that takes place just after Brothers in Arms, but the individual
stories are all over the place.  I usually read the whole thing after
Brothers in Arms, rather than picking the book up four times, but the
chronology printed at the end of virtually every recent printing will tell
you where the stories go, if you want to be really strict.

*Falling Free and Ethan of Athos take place in the Vorkosigan universe but
are not strictly Miles stories.  If you include these, Falling Free is the
very first one in the series; Ethan of Athos comes just after Cetaganda.  I
like Falling Free a lot, but it's not the best introduction to Miles; my
suggestion is to read it just before reading "Labyrinth" from Borders of
Infinity, to provide a background for understanding the
genetically-engineered quaddies Miles meets in that story.

*The short story "Winterfair Gifts" is about Miles's wedding, but won't be
published until 2004.  Then you will have to don your Paper Bag of Anonymity
and venture into the romance section to find the anthology Irresistable
Forces, edited by Catherine Asaro.

*The omnibus edition Miles, Mystery and Mayhem includes Cetaganda and Ethan
of Athos.

Melissa Proffitt

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