Had to ask...Now the Vorkosigan books

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 25 23:01:00 EDT 2003

>So now my question is - since I'm obviously going to HAVE to read the
>Vorkosigan books, and haven't read any yet (Though Curse of Chalion jumped
>straight onto my Keepers list) - which one should I read first?
>Should I read them in the order they were written, or is there a better

I started almost at the end, because although they had been recommended by 
heaps of people, the blurb and cover on the first one were really 
unappealing to me. So I started with one (Komarr) that had a blurb that 
sounded intriguing. Then I read them all in an odd order - just the way I 
managed to get hold of them, and *then* I read them chronologically. I 
would recommend this latter course, if you can get hold of the first book. 
I would suggest you do not read Mirror Dance or Memory first, because they 
will have a much bigger impact if you know the back story. Cetaganda is my 
fave "early" one.

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