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Ven vendersleighc at
Wed Jun 25 19:22:10 EDT 2003

OK please ignore the small tantrum I just sent, I
had in fact mailed this to myself.....

Hi everyone,  Abigail has kindly sent me the
digests I'm missing. Why I am missing them is
another matter....... have I been deleted from
the list? Consigned to some ghastly limbo for
some unimaginable crime? The revenge of Fire and
Hemlock for not putting it as favourite this
year? Along with the random repeatiing of posts a
nasty twist on the travel jinx, involving
messages about Dwj, perhaps?

Anyhow I'm about half way through everyones'
introductions so:

Charles said

<Nina Beachcroft (no one ever mentions her for
some reason but I did love Under
the Enchanter),>

The reason I'd never mentioned her is that I'd
forgotten all about that book, thanks for the

Buffy, Angel, Scrubs and Coupling, and some TV 
shows I am too embarrassed to
mention here (okay so I like reality TV :).>

OK Kylie I'll trade my admission that I love
"Home and Away" for one of your shows  


<Least favourite DWJ: 8 Days of Luke, but I read 
it a long time ago, so I am 
not entirely sure why. I think it had to do with 
the fact that I was 
reading Old Norse at the time. Time for a reread,


I really like EDOL, how was reading Old Norse to
its detriment?


<Offspring (four-legged):  far, far away from 
here, in a shed on the back of
a large cattle property, a black cat who used to 
be mine is happily hunting
for mice. But I'll never see him again.>

That's really sad in the old fashioned sense,
poignant in fact.

<A little cautious about Time of the Ghost, will
probably read it in daylight and then go and 
watch something light, by the sounds of it.>

Not sure that will help, it's not so much a
spookily scary book more of an emotionally stormy
one, shot through with moments of pure grue. Oh
and a lot of laughs of course. And, if you then
read the onsite autobiography, may make you want
to go and shout at her parents (as they were 50
years ago).

Favourite film: I don't really have a favourite 
film. I could never
watch a movie again and again, the way I re-read 
books I like.

Heh that's just how I feel about films. The
number that I have intentionally watched more
than once can probably be counted on the fingers
of one hand.


<I did read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry for the
first time (part of the curriculum project) and 
it pissed me off, which I imagine is the point.>

I love that book, and its successors.  Does the
fact that I'm a non USAian significantly alter my
perspective I wonder (I suspect it does). I've
just read The Land for the first time, very
powerful book.



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