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Quoting Melissa Proffitt <Melissa at Proffitt.com>:
>, I'm dumbfounded at how much this
> series has
> improved over time.  Sure, this is a much darker book, but it's also
> a lot
> better integrated and Rowling is calling into question what we
> always
> thought we knew about certain key characters--extending her treatment
> of
> Snape to others both "bad" and "good."  I'm way impressed.
*nods*   I just finished it last night (no worries -- I won't spoil in 
this post) and was commenting to my friend that really, many many of the 
"villians" in 5 aren't Dark and Evil villians, but rather people who are 
doing things that aren't great, but they have reason for doing so...
(Very, very teeny spoiler)

Obviously, Voldemort is Bad and Evil and Evil and Bad and there is 
Nothing Else about him.  But, well, Fudge is being completely horrid in 
5, yet we all know that he really does want the safety of witches and 
wizards as the end goal.  It's hard to say Kill him, etc, when he's not 
trying to be Bad or Evil.  Also
(slightly larger spoiler)

I like how the Good Guys aren't Shining Epitomes of Goodness.  Like, 
Sirius very clearly is doing things that are a little silly, and ... 
knowing that James Potter was a jerk someitmes, it helped.  But most 
importantly, I liked that Dumbledore made a Mistake.  I feel like 
everyone keeps relying on him to be perfect, and he just wasn't reliable 
, and I liked that.

Conclusion:  I feel like in maturity of style and plot and characters HP 
is growing along with the characters and readers.  It works well.
-Rebecca, who is realizing how badly she lied about there not being 
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