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Rosie sobbed

[about "Green Grow the Rushes-O"]

>You mean my parents lied to me?! <sob> I was told as a child that it
>was All About Christianity and I would Understand Better When I Grew
>Up. Hasn't happened.

I'm not surprised!  The last three verses feel like add-ons, being so
obvious (and not scanning very well either), and apart from the Gospel
Writers I don't think there's much Xtianty in it that *I* can see.  One is
One and All Alone might be God, I suppose, but in that case it isn't just
exactly very Xtian, is it?  Christ being one-in-three and all.

>They did say the Five Symbols were of the five wounds of Christ,

Personally I don't put those at my door.  That sounds more like something
to do with Judaism than with Xtianity -- things on the door like that, I
mean, only, and no offence intended to *anything*.

>but never could translate the Proud Walkers or Bright
>Shiners, or explain how the Pleiades (Seven Stars - are there seven?)

Eleven, I think, with a reasonable telescope.  (And that's an early jazz
number, "Seven and Eleven" -- grins and manages not to go hunting patterns
there...)  Or else, pre-telescope, there are six, plus the invisible
Electra who hides her head in shame at having married a Mere Mortal, and
can't be seen with the naked eye, which always made me wonder how they had
known she was there at all in the first place.  Or else there are dozens,
now we have powerful telescopes, but that's not really very relevant to a
song of that age, I don't think.

>related to Christianity.

Erm... they were created by the God of the Book?  As opposed to being the
daughters of some other god altogether?

>I would be interested in any complete and/or
>alternative explanations anyone knows.

So would I!

Who are the Lily White Boys?


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