Patterns (was Re: Wilkins' Tooth (was Re: Introductions))

Rosie Hopkins rosieburroughs at
Wed Jun 25 12:32:35 EDT 2003

 --- minnow at wrote: 
> It helps to have been baffled by the Lily-White Boys as well! 
> That-there
> is an interesting part of patterns coming into play: I do not, and
> DWJ does
> not, *understand* that extraordinary song/poem ("Green Grow the
> Rushes-O")
> -- I don't know whether anyone really does.  Who or what are the Six
> Proud
> Walkers?  How do they tie in with the Seven Stars in the Sky, or the
> Nine
> Bright Shiners, and which stars are either anyway: the planets?  The
> Plough?  What are the five Symbols At Your Door?  Yet somehow, the
> reference to the (April) Reigners (April Rainers?) is reassuring
> because it
> harks back to a "known thing", even if the known thing itself is
> uncomprehended.

You mean my parents lied to me?! <sob> I was told as a child that it
was All About Christianity and I would Understand Better When I Grew
Up. Hasn't happened. They did say the Five Symbols were of the five
wounds of Christ, but never could translate the Proud Walkers or Bright
Shiners, or explain how the Pleiades (Seven Stars - are there seven?)
related to Christianity. I would be interested in any complete and/or
alternative explanations anyone knows.


Why do we suffer so in the world? Just regard life as the short bloom of the mountain cherry.  -- Murasaki

A bird does not sing because he has an answer; he sings because he has a song.  -- Chinese proverb

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