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Wed Jun 25 10:05:00 EDT 2003

Anna wrote:
>She's also done a lot of experimentation with the possibilities of vocal
>music, my favourites are the ABoneCroneDrone series, where she's working
>with multilayered drones and the melodies that arise from them....

This is my favorite.  I love her other work too, but to me this one is 
brilliant - possibly because ragas also appeal to me.

Who also listed Laurie Anderson in their intro?  I can't bear to go back 
through the posts at the moment - too early in the day for such frenetic 
activity.  Anderson is great - and with such good lyrics, which is always a 
huge plus and never guaranteed.

Another way to listen to Sheila Chandra, albeit probably roundabout, is to 
use or acquire your yahoo! ID to set up a Launch Cast radio station 
(invaluable for the office).

ABoneCroneDrone is available for assigning to your station.  You assign 
songs and albums by giving them high ratings, so that they will be more 
heavily rotated.  They also play music you do not favorably designate - but 
what is perfect in this world?

Or you can listen to my station since I've given Sheila and also Laurie 
Anderson ratings of 100 <grin>


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