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Wed Jun 25 09:12:46 EDT 2003

Charlie wrote:

>She's talked about children being more attentive readers in a couple of
>places, I think, but the specific question about putting in references to
>things children probably won't have read is one I asked in the interview for
>"Exciting and Exacting Wisdom". Don't know if this is what you were thinking
>of, but I think it's interesting anyway on the way children learn (we'd been
>talking about the references to Burnt Norton in F&H):

Let us not forget that Eliot himself was the past master of the allusion,
and references to Burnt Norton may be references to all sorts of other
stuff, which *he* sourced from.

>"I think this goes back to what I was saying about giving children
>experience. When they come to read Four Quartets later, if any of them do,
>it will chime somewhere.

If it doesn't chime in about thirty directions as well as DWJ then they are
reading it very early in life, would be my reaction to that...  :-)  I
mean, good grief, even the Old Possum cats are referential in a big way,
and that was the *light* stuff!


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