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Robyn followed me:

>>And of course some of us haven't read any of them because we are waiting
>>until we can read the whole thing without those awkward three-year gaps in
>My brother has taken this stance, too. I actually think the hanging out for
>the next installment thing is a mildly pleasurable part of the experience,
>and not just with JKR, either. But then, I quite like rereading in
>anticipation of the new book. Do you take this attitude with other writers
>of series as well? Are you not reading Vlad Taltos and Miles Vorkosigan
>until Brust and Bujold die?

No, I'm not-reading them because so far no-one has lent them to me, and
these days I don't buy books until I know I am going to want to keep and
re-read, or to have them available to lend to people.  (That excludes books
for work, obviously, but luckily most of those would be buy-and-keep
anyway, and the library is a wonderful institution.)

But is there not a slight difference between a series that is definitely
meant to be a single chronological narrative, such as Potter, and one which
doesn't depend for each book's coherence on knowledge of all that has gone
before?  I am told I can if I want read one or two of the later Miles
Vorkosigan books in isolation and not feel that I am missing great scads of
important back-story.

*Curse of Chalion* I got *given* the hardback by someone with a duplicate
copy!  Now *that* is what I call a true friend....  And the 'sequel' is
similar in sequentiality to Merl after DS: one could easily read it alone,
without having-read Curse being essential.

Interestingly, I just read a Mercedes Lackey set in her usual world, and
presumably fitting somewhere into her careful historical plan, and didn't
even feel the need to know in which Age of Valdemar it was happening.  My
feeling is that this speaks well of her as an author, really.


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