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Wed Jun 25 09:12:41 EDT 2003

Melissa seconded a notion:

>On Tue, 24 Jun 2003 16:26:15 +0100, minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:
>>Pani Jennifer (as opposed to t'other Jennifer) wrote
>>>oh, I was thinking of the vile Shannara series, which was a complete
>>>rip-off of all high fantasy elements.
>>I can't possibly judge whether your comment on the Shannara
>>series is valid.  I might just trust you and not bother to read them all to
>>find out....
>Can I please add my entreaty that you just do this?  I would hate to feel
>that any of us were responsible for the melting of your brain.  A woman in
>my reading group told us last week that she was working on the first
>Shannara trilogy.  She looked so relieved when we informed her that it was
>okay to just stop where she was.  :)

OK, OK, I'm convinced!  They weren't on the must-read list or even the
ought-to-read list, now they're definitely on the don't-bother list.  I can
tell when I'm being given good advice....  Though in fact I don't think
it's very easy to melt my brain, because I have a useful ability to forget,
completely and as if they had never passed before my eyes, films and books
I found dire.  Also people I truly dislike, and indeed whole visits to
places I detested.  (And almost all advertising, particularly what the
product it was trying to sell me was.)  External evidence may indicate that
I did read, or did see, or did visit, but I have literally no recollection.
So in the case of MKFS/S, I remembered what I wrote about it but not the
thing-itself, which is probably just as well from what you say.

><sigh> I'm feeling really vicious today, sorry.  I do try not to savage any
>author or book that someone here might love...but I get annoyed about Terry
>Brooks and his stories because I wish someone had taken his plots away from
>him and given them to someone else.  There's so much potential there--that
>Magic Kingdom for Sale idea is lovely--and it's just wasted.

Oh, gawd.  That's a serious indictment.  Wasting good ideas is probably a
sin against the Holy Ghost or something.  Do you ever feel the urge, as I
do, to rescue minor characters who are wasted on the book/author they got
landed with, and take them away and give them a book of their own where
they won't be messed about with?

>(And yes, that was the non-savage version.  I have *some* measure of

Hmmmm.      :-))


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