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Tue Jun 24 20:44:09 EDT 2003

In response to my post about the Gilbreths, Elizabeth said:   I just
loved Cheaper by the Dozen when I read it many years ago, and finally
last year I managed to track down a second-hand copy.  The Gilbreth's
father was a time-and-motion study expert, and we have 3 of his books in
the University's Engineering Library, including 'Motion study : a method
for increasing the efficiency of the workman.' I wonder if today's
engineering students still study him.<><>

That's right--in fact, both parents were time and motion study experts
and the mother, Lillian, also wrote a number of books on the subject, and
continued for fifty years after her husband's death to continue their
work.  She was ten years younger than he was, and she continued to globe
trot giving speeches and working until she was 90, calling it quits at
the centennial celebration of Frank's birth.  The story of her struggle
is quite inspiring, I think.  It starts in Belles on their Toes and
continues in Time Out for Happiness, which is not so much a sequel as it
is a refocusing on the lives of Frank and Lillian.

I've been collecting everything I can get by Frank and Ernestine, and I'm
starting to think I want to write about these works, but I'm not sure yet
what I have to say....


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