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Tue Jun 24 18:30:46 EDT 2003

Name: Jackie Stallcup

Living in: Roanoke, Virginia

Home is in:  Ontario, California (NOT Canada, as everyone seems to
automatically think)

Age: 35

What I do when not playing here: At the moment, I'm teaching in the
summer Masters program in Children's Literature at Hollins University. 
When I'm at home, I teach in the English Department at Cal State
Northridge.  When I'm not teaching or playing here, I ride one of my
horses and play with the other one, who is not really ridable anymore. 
Also, write (scholarly articles, picture books, novels, but only the
scholarship is published so far).  Play with my husband and cats and dog.

Married/partnered/?: Yep.  My husband, Wade, and I have been together 13
years, married 5.

Offspring (human): None.

Offspring (other): Oh yes.  Two horses (Chief and Jaime), five cats
(Emma, Mitzi, Professor, Skipper, Ginger (there was also a Mary Ann with
us for a long time)) and one dog, an Australian shepherd named Barkley. 
NONE of them are here with me in Virginia, so I am quite at a loss.

First DWJ/when: Dogsbody, when I was in middle school, I believe.  Or
possibly first year of high school.  Then there was a long break during
which I didn't read any DWJ--Dogsbody did not make me run out and read
everything else.  I think the next one was Charmed Life, partly because
of Harry Potter.  I may have picked it up from a display of "if you like
Harry" books, I think.  I then read the other Chrestomancy books and
thoroughly enjoyed them, though kept being surprised by the different
directions they took (more on this in my next post, actually).  Then I
picked up a copy of Time of the GHost somewhere and took it off with me
on a trip to London. Now, there is something about reading books on a
trip--I am often far more affected by them than I normally would me.  I
was expecting something more like the Chrestomancy books--somewhat
whimsical and fun and was TOTALLY creeped out.  Haven't tried rereading
it, that's how creeped out I was.  Same thing happened with Fire and
Hemlock--I picked it up on another trip to London and was knocked over
the head by it.  But this one I liked much better and reread several
times and even went ahead and taught it in my Feminism and Fairy tales
course last semester.  THAT was a rather odd experience, though not as
odd as teaching Dark Lord without preparing the class (Ugh).  Anyway,
teaching Fire and Hemlock didn't produce anything interesting enough to
tell you all about, I thought, so I didn't... 

Favourite DWJ: Dogsbody affected me far, far more than I expected when I
recently reread it as an adult.  WOW.  Lives of Christopher Chant.  Fire
and Hemlock, Hexwood. Someone just mentioned the short story The
Chairperson--isn't that the one with a chapter titled The Tables Turn? 
That gets me laughing out loud everytime I read it.  

Least favourite DWJ: Spellcoats (didn't like the characters, I think, and
didn't like what happened.) 

DWJ I've never read: Changeover, The Skiver's Guide, Wilkin's Tooth,
Sudden Wild Magic

DWJ eagerly anticipating:  Merlin Conspiracy, Witch's Business (they both
just arrived in the mail on Monday!)

Other authors/books:  this is very hard for me to compile here in VA,
when most of my books are in CA.  But I'll try to imagine my bookshelves:
 Joan Aiken, particularly the Cuckoo Tree, Louisa May Alcott (subject of
my dissertation, and still LOVE to read her).  Helen Cresswell, Lewis
Carroll, L.M. Montgomery, Jean Webster (can you see a "girl's novel"
theme here?) the Elsie Dinsmore series, which I find both maddening and
compelling, David Wiesner, Anthony Browne, Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith,
Dick Francis, Dorothy Gilman, Louise Fitzhugh (read Nobody's Family is
Going to Change for the first time on my first trip to Europe completely
on my own, when I was 20.  Whoa.)  Ok, I'll say it, J.K. Rowling. 
Madeleine L'Engle.  Peggy Rathmann.  Frank and Ernestine Gilbreth.  JRR

Authors/books I've been introduced to by the list: Neverwhere (ok, but
didn't make me want to go out and read all of his books).  

Music: Mostly alternative.  The Clash, Pink Floyd, Phantom Planet,
Coldplay, Beck.  Also classic rock, Bob Dylan, etc.  Also, Phranc--I
highly recommend her to the folk music listeners--feminist, witty folk.

Currently reading: Just finished the new Harry Potter.  Also, I just
finished Innside Nantucket, by Frank Gilbreth, who co-wrote Cheaper by
the Dozen with his sister Ernestine.  They wrote the sequel together,
Belles on their Toes, and then Frank went on to write several other books
that are half family stories and half history and quite fictionalized,
I'd be willing to bet.  Ernestine went on to write several novels, but I
haven't read those yet. 

Favourite films: Princess Bride, Star Wars trilogy (the original ones!),
Singin' in the Rain, Fifth Element, Blade Runner, Lord of the Rings,
Notting Hill. The Big Easy.

Favourite tv:  I don't watch TV.  There's no TV here in my dorm and I
haven't missed it for a second.

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