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Tue Jun 24 12:34:56 EDT 2003

On Tue, 24 Jun 2003 16:26:15 +0100, minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:

>Pani Jennifer (as opposed to t'other Jennifer) wrote

>>oh, I was thinking of the vile Shannara series, which was a complete
>>rip-off of all high fantasy elements.
>I never had to review any of those, and after the two of his I did have to
>read, I sort of didn't bother to rush out and find his work as a high
>priority in my life.
>So of course, I can't possibly judge whether your comment on the Shannara
>series is valid.  I might just trust you and not bother to read them all to
>find out....

Can I please add my entreaty that you just do this?  I would hate to feel
that any of us were responsible for the melting of your brain.  A woman in
my reading group told us last week that she was working on the first
Shannara trilogy.  She looked so relieved when we informed her that it was
okay to just stop where she was.  :)

<sigh> I'm feeling really vicious today, sorry.  I do try not to savage any
author or book that someone here might love...but I get annoyed about Terry
Brooks and his stories because I wish someone had taken his plots away from
him and given them to someone else.  There's so much potential there--that
Magic Kingdom for Sale idea is lovely--and it's just wasted.

(And yes, that was the non-savage version.  I have *some* measure of

Melissa Proffitt

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